You Will NEVER Have to Remember Any of Your Passwords Going Forward!

No matter what business you’re in, you will always have some login details, personal & business registration numbers, bank or other private login details.

We now live in the world of technology where even completely offline businesses are listed online. We have so much sensitive information to store privately. But for most of us storing privately means writing down on paper & hiding it or storing it in our notepad app. These are some of the ways I see people making their password management systems. And I agree, these ways are definitely better than not having any system in place (passwords written nowhere). We know that this is not the best way to store our login detail but we often procrastinate to find a better way because we feel it will be hard, time-consuming & there might be risks involved. Let me propose something, by the time you complete reading this short article, you will have a free, simple & most secure way to store your private information. Sounds good?

Then let me introduce you to our friend app, SafeInCloud.

Like any app, SafeInCloud also has many competitors. There are other apps that have similar features & having similar offerings. But today we will not get into looking at different options. In case, if you want to do the research you might do it yourself searching ‘best free password managers’ on Google. I have been using SafeInCloud for more than 5 years now & have never faced any issue. In fact, the app just keep getting better & better with the regular app updates.

I know, you might be wondering, what are the benefits of using a password manager instead of saving them any other place. So let’s cover those in the following points:

  1. Security – Since SafeInCloud app uses an encrypted database & a master login password, it’s not possible for anyone to access anything this is stored inside the app.
  2. Autofill – This app has all the major browser extensions. That means your passwords are safely auto-filled into most websites that you visit with the click on a button.
  3. Everything In Place – You won’t save your photos or your thoughts here right? This is the place only for saving passwords & because this is 100% clear in your head, you will not save anything else there but at the same time, you make sure that all your login details are always put there.
  4. Available Everywhere – SafeInCloud has mobile apps for Android & iOS, Desktop apps for Mac & Windows, Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera & Yandex. In fact, it is even available for apple watch.
  5. Random Password Generator – We come up with Same kind of passwords every time we try to come up with passwords for a new account. Now we are done with using our loving one’s names, phone number, date of births as passwords. These passwords are extremely easy to crack & so are a serious threat to our privacy & digital security. So generating random passwords & not having to remember them all is great peace of mind for us.

Okay so now we know the benefits you must be asking, ‘but how to get started?’

The following are the easy steps:

  1. Download the mobile & desktop (optional) app from SafeInCloud website
  2. Create a new database in SafeInCloud using your favourite cloud providers. This step may sound hard reading here but if you download the app anywhere & open it the first time, you will easily be able to figure out this step because of the simple onboarding flow SafeInCloud has.
  3. Go ahead & start adding your passwords in separate cards.
  4. Once you have completed the process of adding passwords, now its time to create labels for sorting them in different categories.
  5. Make sure you add all the pre-created logins & all the logins that you will be creating ahead here.

And done!

Simple. Isn’t it?

Let us know if this helped you in the comments section. We’ll keep posting more of such simple business/ organisation hacks. We’ll get into more of decluttering & systemising the organisation process ahead! Till then, all the best with the password management.

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